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The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is the biggest union for the communications industry in the UK with 201,900 members.



CWU members work in Royal Mail, the Post Office, BT, Telefonica O2, cable TV, Accenture HR Services, financial services, and Santander, including subsidiaries Geoban, ISBAN and Produban.



As a CWU member, you have access to a whole range of year-round discounts. These range from home insurance and healthcare cover to car hire, hotels stays, free legal and financial advice and much more.


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At the CWU we offer communication workers and their families help and support in a whole lot of different ways both at and away from work.

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CWU Eastern Region

The Eastern Regional Committee represents some 20,000 members across Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire & Suffolk.

In the Eastern Region we have one of, if not, the fastest growing economies within the UK. Our proximity, and thriving trade ports into Europe, make the transportation of goods into the continent easier than to some UK Regions.

The Regional Committee strives to eradicate all the injustices that today's workers face. We as a Trade Union body know that the only way to eliminate our member's problems is by collective representation. This is why I am proud to serve the Branches, the membership and communities of the Eastern Region in our quest for equality in race, creed, gender and religion in the diverse society that we live, and work in.

As well as the full Regional Committee the Eastern Region has a Political Committee, Equality Committee, Women's Committee, Retired Committee and a Youth Comittee serving the membership,proactively progressing issues and the ethos of the CWU and theTrade Union Movement.